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Daimaru Besso and Futsukaichi Onsen, Kyushu, Japan

Posted on October 17 2014

Daimaru Besso and Futsukaichi Onsen, Kyushu, Japan

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In April 2013, when I travelled to give my first Islamic Finance presentation on Understanding Riba and Gharar in Islamic Finance at ISBM 2013 Kitakyushu, Japan, I decided to visit Daimaru Besso, an onsen visited by royalty and famous for its special healing waters.  Since its foundation in 1865, Daimaru Besso Hotel has long been patronized by the Imperial family and Literati.  In fact, Emperor Hirohito visited the onsen shortly after World War II on his visit to Kyushu Island.  The onsen is located at the foot of Mt. Tempai Daimaru Besso that covers a 7.5 acres mile site with a 4.5 mile Japanese garden.  The food is amazing and the rooms are quite impressive.  Everything about this place has a calming effect including the historical and serene location, tranquil atmosphere as well as the attentive staff and traditional Japanese cuisine. At my first visit to the onsen at 5 AM – I entered the changing room and saw instructions about how to conduct reflexology on yourself by walking on the stones located at the bottom of the onsen.  Once I opened the door to the onsen, I knew it was a miracle.  As soon as I stepped into the soothing waters, I knew it had healing powers for nervous disorders, joints, rheumatism, psychosomatic disorders, fatigue, rheumatism, and possibly digestive disorders.  I could feel the healing effect as soon as I submerged myself in the hot and welcoming waters. The onsen was fabulous and authentic with a wonderful view.  This is by far one of the best traditional onsens I have visited in Japan and the only one with these unique healing waters.  There is something really special about the healing waters of Futsukaichi onsen and the relaxing hotel, delicious food, and tranquil environment.  Hotel Website:  I recommend this onsen for anyone is search of healing and inner peace.

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