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Ayurvedic Diet Plan Used With Udvarthannum

Posted on December 29 2014

Ayurvedic Diet Plan Used With Udvarthannum

Early Morning: 1 Glass of luke warm water or tea added with lemon juice without sugar.

Breakfast: Two slices of white/brown bread with egg white omelets.

Medium size pieces of fruit like apple/orange/peach.

Mid morning: Tea/coffee made with low fat milk or fruit juice without sugar.

Lunch: 3 small dry  chappattis or rice 2 oz. and pulse 1/2 oz., fish 3 oz., or chicken 2 oz. and vegetables in any quantity.

Afternoon: Tea/coffee without sugar and three salt biscuits or clear soup and baked or grilled fish 2 oz or lemon juice and vegetable salad.

Dinner: Same as lunch.

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