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Healing is a State of Mind

Posted on March 31 2014

Healing is a State of Mind


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Western medicine often offers only a quick-fix solution, which may may make you more sick in the end.  Western doctors often prescribe medicine from textbooks, which were written by pharmaceutical companies, with profit and not health as the main motive.  The world contains a plethora of natural healing methods and systems focusing around energy, energy points, pressure points, marma points, meridians, nutrition, herbs, spices, natural foods and remedies, and encompassing a more wholistic approach to health including mind, spirit, and body.  Often times, a disease can result from a bad feeling or negative emotion, therefore, emotional release is an important part of the healing process.

Let us explore the natural healing systems found in India, Tibet, China, Japan, the Middle East, Polynesia, and the world and explore Ayurveda and Islam, the two greatest natural healing systems globally.

Natural Intuitive Self-Healing

Step 1: Practice Yoga Niidra and implant the sankalpa or seed deep in your subconscious that you will achieve perfect health.  This is the inititation process to tap into your intuition to find the healing systems and methods of the world, which will promote your body to self heal.  Let your intuition be your guide in the healing process.  Seek and ye shall find.

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