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Massage Therapy For Diseases of Vital Areas: Marma Treatment

Posted on March 14 2015

Massage Therapy For Diseases of Vital Areas: Marma Treatment

By S.V. Govindan



Ajna Chakra – Pituitary

Vishuddha Chakra – Thyroid

Heart Chakra – Thymus

Manipura Chakra – Pancreas

Swadhisthana Chakra – Ovaries

Muladhara Chakra – Reproductive Organ

A marma, defined as an anatomical area where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones, and joints meet o form the seats of life, has secret and significant values at these junctions.  The anatomical areas where structures pulsate and where pain exists can be labelled marmas. Physicians and surgeons used the knowledge of marmas to heal the wounds.  Sushruta classified these marmas on the basis of their location in the body, dimension, and the effect of injuries.  In all he classified 107 marmas. Marmas are the seat of prana.  So these should be protected. 

Marmas are specific points which have relation through pranic channels to various internal organs, doshas, and srotas.

By massage, these points correlate to the internal organs. Massage has an important role to treat internal organs through marmas.  The massage includes – 1. Snehana (oleation) massage using suitable oil. 2. Gharshana using soft herbal powders or silk cloth to massage the body. 3. Massage with herbal powders or herbal pastes. 4. Massage the body with leg without using hands. 5. Pizhichil, the masseur takes warm oil in a pan, soaks a piece of cloth in it and squeezes it over the body.  6. Dhara: the flow of medicated decoctions, medicated oils or medicated buttermilk etc., 7. Navarakkizhi: rice cooked in a medicated decoction or tinctures, making bundles in pieces of cloths and massage the body with those bundles. Regular yogasana makes the body sturdy and enhances stability to marmas.

Oil massage is important for the health of marmas. Regular oil massage protects from senility, exhaustion and vata, nourishes body, extends life span, provides good sleep, improves the texture of skin. and drains the lymph nodes, protecting one from cancer.

When marmas attain normal state, simultaneously disappear the signs and symptoms of the diseases.  Replenishing marmas can work much more than the symptom suppressing treatments. Useful treatment of Abhyanga over marmas, Udavarta, Dhara, Pizhichil, Pindasweda, Uro-basti, Pichu and Poultice is also suggested.

Marmas and Yoga

By yoga asana in pathological condition marmas are improved, health of the organs improves better and the physical structure becomes strong.  The main purpose of yoga asana, Mudra, Pranayama etc. is to establish purification of energy channels for free movement of Prana so as to facilitate proper living conditions and higher spiritual attainments.  Meditation is for bringing the mind and subtler aspect of body to peaceful state by cleaning the energy channels.  Yoga asanas are the initial process to adopt in some constant mudras, which help in purifying specific chakras, so that the prana moves freely.

Asanas affect the Doshas in the body.  All asanas increase the space aspect of Vata, as they lengthen muscles, open out compacted joints and decompress the soft parts of the body.  Asanas in general balance Vata, Regulate Kapha, and maintain Pitta.  Preservation of prana through the control over mental activities, relaxed state of body and mind are the important aspects in the treatment of marmas.

It is recommended to conduct purification by panchakarma in every disease before beginning the treatment.

By regular Suryanamaskar, which contains 12 different postures performed in a rhythmic manner with proper breathing the health of marmas can be maintained as it covers almost all marmas in the body.

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