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Eat One Meal a Day for Optimum Health

Posted on June 8 2015

Eat One Meal a Day for Optimum Health

If you can train yourself to eat one meal a day with unlimited liquids, you will find that your body slims down naturally and quickly and that in fact your entire body and digestive functions at an optimal level. Eating once a day in a 24 hour time period allows your body to digest food properly. You will soon find that you take in only the amount of food that your body actually needs on a daily basis, which is a much smaller amount than you may believe. This process also helps detoxify your body and allows your organs to take a break and rejuvenate. Intermittent fasting can be found in many religions, societies, and cultures including the Western World and is performed for various reasons, however, all resulting in the increased physical and mental health of the human being. Please consult with a doctor before changing your diet plan.

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